Dream home in a dream location is the first ever fully self-sustainable mobile house. It doesn’t require an electric grid, propane, natural gas, firewood or any other fuel. It uses solar energy for heating, cooling and electricity. It works in both hot and cold climates.

Corporate Website is a forward-thinking and innovative company that invented truly off-the-grid homes that can be delivered the next day. Some say it’s like if Tesla and Apple designed a house together. That’s why we conducted very deep research on the product and idea itself, and then designed a detailed homepage showcasing the different features and advantages.

We designed a custom ‘Models’ page with a configurator, so that visitors can place pre-orders online automatically. Because this product is quite complex, we created a separate FAQ page to help describe the technology behind it. We also highlight the beauty of these houses with a simple and stylish gallery, company mission and separate landing page for investors.

Steve Hendershaw
Marketing Expert
& Project Manager


“OCNBLU is a competitive agency that understands what marketing is. As a physicist and a visionary person I often think that our houses are so simple. I was amazed how deep their research went and how many questions they asked that were so obvious to me, but not to regular people.

I had an idea of how I wanted the website to look, but it turned out that was just 1 part out of 10 that were necessary. They helped a lot with the content part, but the design and marketing-oriented structure exceeded my highest expectations.

I enjoyed the whole journey, and it’s still going. They support us with all of our needs regarding the website and updates.”



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